Vacation/ International Property Floor Plans

Floor plans of Vacation/ Rental properties are a great tool to have when trying to find renters for your property, particularly if you have a promotional web site.

Floor plans are an essential marketing supplement as they allow prospective renters to see the full layout of your rental property.  Having well presented floor plans provides invaluable visual selling aids, allowing you to showcase amenities, layout and orientation, putting your property well ahead of the competition. It also helps your vacation property stand out in the minds of prospective renters.  This is particularily true if your property is abroad. Our floor plans will give your property a marketing advantage by clearly displaying the layout of bedrooms, living areas, room dimensions, square footage, and external features such as decks, swimming pools, BBQ, and so on.

Floor plans have become a superb and essential marketing tool, providing key information that saavy consumers have come to expect. For overseas rental properties, send us a sketch of the property or a copy of the construction plans/blueprints and we will in turn, convert them into user-friendly, consumable format that can then be used in all manner of marketing collateral, from websites to brochures.

We also offer Blueprint/Sketch to CAD Conversion services. Learn more.

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