Residential/ Commercial Floor Plans for Realtors

As-built floor plans are essentially a simplified architectural rendering of a residential or commercial property.

As-built floor plans provide a low-cost alternative to full architectural renderings, and are a fantastic selling tool in brochures or as a stand-alone item for potential buyers.

Why As-Built Floor Plans?

  • They provide accurate room measurements and square footage calculations for recording on the MLS;
  • They are a low cost alternative to full architectural drawings;
  • They are a great selling tool that can be used in brochures or as a stand-alone item;
  • They are a great listing tool and will set you apart from others; and,
  • They allow potential buyers to imagine themselves in the property, and will help them to remember you and your listing. They are also great for space planning.

All of our as-built floor plans include landscaping detail around the house. Depending on your budget, this can be as extensive as required. We "bring the plans alive" by providing colour highlighting for decks and landscaping immediately around the house. Our renderings are scaled, allowing buyers to plan furnishing layouts. We also supply furnishing templates. Small additional fee applies.

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